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20-Nov-2017 19:17

This trick lets you hack into her “Instant Rejection Mechanism” easily, and the best thing about it is that it works even if you’re petrified of talking to women. My psychologist told me that I should go out every day and talk to 5 new people.I decided to talk to you because you seem nice.” Sounds horribly cheesy, I know. You see, women are hit on by tons of guys pretending to be someone they’re not every day…Geeks Get Girls (FREE DOWNLOAD) – Real-life success stories of students who used Brad P’s techniques to get crazy amounts of pussy. For a lot of guys this can be about a lot more than getting over approach anxiety and having more sex…

I’m now approaching 2 yrs with my brilliant, amazing, hot girlfriend who is a successful businesswoman (very recent pic attached)… Out of anyone I worked with then or read about, he was the best coach I encountered. I’m also an illustrator, and have been having increasing success with both my acting career and my illustration over the years…

Go out to your nearest Game Stop, shopping mall, or coffee shop. Hey it’s Brad, A lot of guys think getting flat out rejected by a woman is the worst thing that can ever happen to you… But if this advice is making you uncomfortable, let me tell you why: Other “experts” prey on your gullibility by teaching you to “avoid rejection” while I teach you to CAPITALIZE on rejection.

Pick out any girl you like and use what I just taught you word for word and see for yourself just how powerful this can be. This is why I like to say rejection is a gift from God.

I still read Brad’s newsletters and material to remind myself not to rest on my laurels and stay sharp.” —————————- Once you see some success, you can absolutely NOT rest on your laurels.

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I’m no relationship coach, there are better people out there for that, but I can tell you it’s true – women NEVER stop testing you.I think one involved an immediate marriage proposal. If random people came up to me wanting something 100 times a week, I’d be punching people out.

He was taken out of the pool but by the time the doctors arrived he was pronounced dead.… continue reading »

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The protocols and practices of dating, and the terms used to describe it, vary considerably from country to country and over time.… continue reading »

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